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Super Mario Bros (1.0)

There's no shortage of Chinese versions of Super Mario Bros, or of Super Mario Bros ROMs with Chinese text.

Most of them are better than this one.

This ROM was basically a fun experiment to see just how much it would be possible to compress the game's text by writing it in Chinese characters. To this end, I only used the 24 character spaces available in the stock Mario ROM with no expansion.

The text is short and hardly laconic, but it is technically correct and certainly understandable. Plus it's fun to see a game written entirely in 8x8 hanzi.


title screen

life counter

another castle



Revision 1.0 (2010/02/22)


This Super Mario Bros translation is distributed in "beat" format.

You can get the latest version of beat from byuu's homepage or from ROMHacking.net.

The patch file mario-1.0.bps is intended for use on a ROM with the checksum 2e1b6b3c.

  1. Run beat.exe and click "Apply Patch".
  2. Select the appropriate patch using the file browser.
  3. Select your unpatched Super Mario Bros ROM. This is commonly named "Super Mario Bros (PRG 1) (JU).nes"
  4. Enter a file name for the new rom the patcher will create. I suggest "Chinese Mario.nes"

The resulting patched game will work in any Nintendo or Famicom emulator.


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 Translation Patch (1.0)
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