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Sonic Eraser (1.0)

Sonic CulT apparently discovered this rare game that, if the header is to be believed, was designed for SegaNet. I'm not enough of a Sega fanboy to remember what that was: I never owned any Sega hardware before the Saturn.

Sonic Eraser is a simple puzzle game that, amazingly enough, is not a Columns clone.

Pieces fall from the top in blocks of four. You can shift the color positions but not rotate the piece itself. Match two of the same color side-by-side to clear pieces. Angles do not count.

The idea is to create chains to rack up points and attack your opponent. If you do a big enough chain the game will play a little cut-scene of your Sonic running over and knocking the other player's dizzy.

The translation took about two hours to complete. Don't expect delicate handling of the Japanese language as an art form. I wrote what I saw in English, and that's all a puzzle game really demands.

The font used is from the old PC game Master of Orion.


title screen instructions

gameplay credits


Revision 1.0 (2004/02/28)


This Sonic Eraser translation is distributed in "beat" format.

You can get the latest version of beat from byuu's homepage or from ROMHacking.net.

The patch file soniceraser-1.0.bps is intended for use on a ROM with the checksum 62d8a0e7.

  1. Run beat.exe and click "Apply Patch".
  2. Select the appropriate patch using the file browser.
  3. Select your unpatched Sonic Eraser ROM. This is commonly named "[SegaNet] Sonic Eraser (Japan).md"
  4. Enter a file name for the new ROM the patcher will create. I suggest "Sonic Eraser.md"

The resulting patched game will work in any Sega Genesis emulator.


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 Translation Patch (1.0)
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