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Hydlide: Download Edition (1.0)

Hydlide is probably the most heavily criticized Action-RPG of all time, likely due to its outdated graphics and music. This remake solves one of these things.

If by the off chance you somehow own a legal copy of this game, my hat is off to you. T&E Soft's webpage is dead and replaced by another company's, and Vector's ordering system for the game seems flaky at best.

For everyone else, there is crack.bps.

Special thanks to Nightwolve, who cracked the installer and main game EXE for me.


title screen






This legend is a tale from another world than our own...

Once upon a time, there was a kingdom called Fairyland, a land where faeries and humans lived in harmony. A rich, green land whose peace was maintained by the power of three strange jewels held within its royal palace...

But one day...

Heartless people stole away one of the jewels. Without all three, the light faded, unsealing the mythical demon, Varalys, said to be unstoppable. Using his most powerful sorcery, Varalys sealed away the jewels and split Princess Ann into three faeries, hidden away by his minions.

Fairyland's peaceful days came to an end as it fell under the demon's control.

Since then, the faeries have vanished...

The people live in fear... awaiting light's return...

Rumors of the kingdom's plight spread to far away lands. To see if they were true, a young man named Jim came to Fairyland. Jim became the people's last hope. But to rescue the country, Jim must confront the demon, Varalys.

Just as the royal prince of Fairyland once did... long, long ago...


Revision 1.0 (2004/09/27)


This Hydlide: Download Edition translation is distributed in "beat" format.

Beat is a delta patching format that allows you to create a patch between two folders. It's the perfect choice for patching Windows software.

You can get the latest version of beat from byuu's homepage or from ROMHacking.net.

  1. Run beat.exe and click "Apply Patch".
  2. Select "hydlide-1.0.bpm" using the file browser.
  3. Select the directory where you have installed Hydlide's original files.
  4. Create and select a new directory to contain the newly patched version of the files.

You can play the translation by executing hydlide.exe in the newly created directory.

If you are unable to acquire the game files legally, apply the crack.bps patch to hydinst.exe. This will enable you to enter any serial number during installation.

Windows Vista, 7 and 8 users will need to set the installer to Windows XP compatibility mode.


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