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Der Langrisser (1.3)

The Der Langrisser translation project was founded on the ruins of No-Life Translations, a group formed in 2000 to carry on the work of Warui Toransu from 1998. Despite this history, no work created by Warui Toransu is contained in this translation.

Derrick Sobodash and John Grathwohl met in 2001 through their work in the English-language Langrisser community. After the former group fell apart, Sobodash carried on the translation effort with the help of byuu, author of the bsnes emulator and an expert in programming for Super Nintendo hardware.

With byuu's help, the translation was able to achieve much of what had been deemed impossible by other prominent programmers.

Having spent seven years on this game, we can say with confidence that Der Langrisser is one of the most sloppily-programmed SNES titles. Frequent glitches that cause character graphics to corrupt during play are a testament to its multitude of problems.

Our team has remedied many known glitches for the English translation. Several blocks of dialogue where the Japanese game showed the wrong character portrait were corrected and the game's math engine was updated to show negative numbers in all menus. Perhaps the oddest glitch was one which prevented the player's selected name for Erwin from being used during the ending dialogue.

In addition to bug fixes, our team has made numerous improvements to the game itself.

The number of colors used in the game fonts was tripled, and we have designed seven new typefaces for the game using an actual television screen to account for horizontal stretching.

Every window in the game has been hacked, repositioned and scaled to make the English version use less screen space than even the Japanese original. We also created new dialogue window colors based on later Langrisser remakes.

At seven years to complete, Der Langrisser was one of the longest fan translation projects in existence at the time of its release.


title screen intro

creation naming

scenario hiring

dialogue command


Since the dawn of time, the men and women of El Sallia have grappled with the threat of Darkness.

In the flames of an ancient age of war, the Holy King Sieghart gave his soul to forge Langrisser, a sword to vanquish evil. Aided by the power of Light, mankind banished the Darkness to the desolate land of Velzeria. When the war concluded, the descendants of Lewin, first king of Baldea, were charged with the blade's safekeeping.

Centuries passed, and the greed of a would-be Kaiser wrested the blade from Baldea's grasp to unleash Darkness upon the land once more. The surviving prince of the fallen kingdom and his comrades defeated the Darkness and put to rest an evil god.

In the following years, Baldea lost its influence and fell into ruin. The kingdom's sole heir escaped with his fencing instructor.

Today, a new nation has risen to power in El Sallia. Under the leadership of Kaiser Bernhardt, a former mercenary bent on uniting the lands no matter the means or the cost, the Rayguard Empire has claimed Alhazard, the sword of the demon tribe.

An unknown magician supports him and his Four Heavenly Dragon Generals from the shadows in their campaign. The quest has been long and bloody, and few nations dare to stand against the imperial powers aside from Kalxath, a kingdom only a few centuries old.

It was in these times that Erwin, a young swordsman, was roaming the lands of El Sallia with his friend Hein, a magician. The two friends had traveled to many towns on their journeys and learned of the people's bitterness.

Their journeys brought the two to a small village on the outskirts of Salrath, a territory once allied with Baldea.

One day, General Leon of the Imperial Blue Dragon Knights rode into town seeking Liana, a young village girl and shrine maiden whom Hein had known since childhood. As the chaos of battle engulfed the village, the two men set out to stop the Imperial forces.

Unfortunately, capturing Liana was only the beginning of the Empire’s ambitions...

Why were the most honorable knights in the land now petty kidnappers, and why was Liana a target at all?

None could say for certain, and the quest for an answer would teach Erwin more than he could ever imagine.



Revision 1.3 (2012/10/23)

Revision 1.2 (2008/04/01)

Revision 1.01 (2007/06/11)

Revision 1.0 (2007/06/08)


This Der Langrisser translation is distributed in "beat" format.

You can get the latest version of beat from byuu's homepage or from ROMHacking.net.

The patch file derlangrisser-1.3.bps is intended for use on a Revision 1.1 ROM with the checksum 35f9eecc. You may need to remove the game's 512-byte header if your checksum is incorrect.

  1. Run beat.exe and click "Apply Patch".
  2. Select the appropriate patch using the file browser.
  3. Select your unpatched Der Langrisser ROM. This is commonly named "Der Langrisser (J) (V1.1).sfc"
  4. Enter a file name for the new rom the patcher will create. I suggest "Der Langrisser.sfc"

The resulting patched game will work in any Super Nintendo emulator, but we recommend using bsnes to prevent glitching.



For more game information and unit data, visit El Sallia, the community-created Langrisser wiki.

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