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Crest of Gaia (1.3)

After finishing Langrisser I in August 2003, it seemed only natural to go back and translate its predecessor - if for no other reason than to answer the question many players may have had in Scenario 15, "What is an Elthlead!?"

Elthlead was the original series of strategy games that paved the way for Masaya's future Langrisser universe. Developed in the days before NCS even created its Masaya software division, the game was released only under the NCS label.

The series was moderately successful and ported to the MSX2, Sharp X1, NEC PC-8801, NEC PC-9801 and Sharp X68000 PCs. In 1988, it was ported to the NEC PC-Engine home console, also known as the TurboGrafx 16.

The Crest of Gaia is a remake of the first game, Elthlead, and shares the same story. Gaia recasts the story in scenario-oriented play and introduces many new units. The text of Gaia greatly contributed to the geography of El Sallia in the Langrisser series.

While the translation is most faithful the original text, there were a few changes made for clarity.

At the time of publication, Lushiris was not an established figure in the game universe. The game simply refers to the "God of Light." This reference was changed to "goddess" to keep with the remainder of the Langrisser series.

Secondly, the window borders in the game were changed to those used in Langrisser I: The Descendants of Light. While cosmetic, I hope it brings back warm memories for long time fans of the series.

While the game has been called "too old school for some," I sincerely hope everyone gives it a chance. When you look past its age, its deep strategy play offers something very different from other canonical Langrisser titles.

Thanks for everyone who helped see this project to completion. Without you, a final release would never have seen the light of day. Though the Langrisser community is a small crowd, virtually every related project has enjoyed a warm reception.


title screen scenarios

intro combat


Since days when the world was still young, the land of Gaia has been guided by gods of light and dark. And now those forces have begun to manipulate the land once again.

The great El Sallian kingdoms of Elthlead and Velzeria have maintained an uneasy peace for many years. But the time for peace has passed.

Böser, prince of darkness and king of Velzeria, has unleashed the powers of evil on the land, forcing King Sieghart of Elthlead into battle once more.

The Army of Darkness began its invasion of the El Sallian countryside, leaving a wake of death in its march on Castle Elthlead. Border towns have already fallen to Böser's army.

With peace lost, King Sieghart rallied the knights of Elthlead for a counter-offensive against Böser. If victory is not swift, all that will remain is a kingdom of corpses...

Gaia is once again doomed to be shaken by a clash of light and dark.


Hold RUN and press SELECT during play to quick reset the game.


Revision 1.3 (2014/06/17)

Revision 1.2 (2008/08/12)

Revision 1.0 (2003/12/19)


This Crest of Gaia translation is distributed in "beat" format.

You can get the latest version of beat from byuu's homepage or from ROMHacking.net.

The following patches are supplied:


  1. Run beat.exe and click "Apply Patch".
  2. Select the appropriate patch using the file browser.
  3. Select your unpatched Crest of Gaia ROM. This is commonly named "Gaia no Monshou (J).pce"
  4. Enter a file name for the new rom the patcher will create. I suggest "Crest of Gaia.pce"

The resulting patched game will work in any PC-Engine emulator.



Tools that made this translation possible are available on my GitHub:

https://github.com/sobodash/crestofgaia https://github.com/sobodash/feidian

For more game information and unit data, visit El Sallia, the community-created Langrisser wiki.

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